Alison Maruca

I am mom to Connor (October 2014) and Emma (February 2017). I found Fit4Mom after Emma's birth in Norfolk, Va. I was out walking her in our neighborhood and we passed a woman on sidewalk talking about a workout group for moms and babies. She hooked me up with Fit4Mom Norfolk and I was immediately hooked. Stroller Strides was my saving grace in the months following Emma's birth because my husband deployed shortly after her arrival. The village and the workouts helped me keep my mind and body healthy. We arrived in Northern Virginia in October 2017 and Fit4Mom LSBWK quickly filled that void. This time, with my husband home, I was able to embark on my first Body Back Transformation session and was immediately hooked again! I decided to become an instructor because I know that a healthy momma is a happy momma, which in turn means...a happy family. Fit4Mom was a critical element in very challenging points of my motherhood journey and I hope to share my love of community and fitness in the same way. When I'm not chasing my two kiddos or spending precious time with my husband, I'm working as a freelance writer and am a Navy Reservist. I'm thrilled to be part of the Fit4Mom community and look forward to seeing you and your babies in class -- let's stroll!

Saturday – February 23, 2019