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Client Resource Manager

Stroller Strides & Body Back Instructor Springfield/Kingstowne

Hi, I’m Krista, mom to Christine (July 2013) and Abigail (April 2016)! I love being a stay at home mom but with our move to Virginia in August 2015 (Army family) I realized I was missing my support network. I was so excited to find Stroller Strides in December 2015 and to now be the playgroup captain at Springfield! It is awesome to be able to get a great workout while being a healthy example for my daughter with other motivated moms. I love this community and the opportunities to support other moms on their journey to achieve their goals!


Franchise owner - Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby and Body Back instructor

Hi there! I am a mom of two, Chelsea was born in November of 1991 and Julia in February of 2013. Quite a gap and needless to say after having Julia I needed a network of moms with children her age. A friend of mine referred me to Stroller Strides in Maryland when she was six weeks old and I loved it right from start. They inspired me to be the best mom that I can and helped me shed my last pregnancy pounds. I was a participant at Stroller Strides for over a year; I also joined the Body Back class in the fall of 2013 and lost 15 pounds (16 inches!!!). Fitness and a healthy life style are very important to me. The lasting friendships that have been made are remarkable. My husband decided to retire from the U.S. Navy after 34 years of service and therefore move back to his roots and family here in Northern Virginia. I was torn about leaving all the great moms and little ones but being near family is a great benefit all the way around. I am excited to teach my own classes and make new lasting friendships and create a great community of moms. Fit moms rock!!!!more

Team Manager

Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre & Body Back instructor
Run Club Coach - all locations

Hi, I'm Becky and I am a mom of two - Evan (June 2012) and Charlotte (February 2014). I served ten years of active duty military and decided to end that career in 2014 so I would be able to stay at home with my babies. I love fitness and found Stroller Strides to be the perfect way to share exercise and a healthy lifestyle with my children. I'm a certified Stroller Strides, Body Back, and Run Club instructor and I am excited to share my enthusiasm with other moms!


Social Media Mom

Hello, my name is Andrea. Prior to 2014, I was a kindergarten teacher in the PA public school system. But once I met my daughter, Olivia, all of that changed- I had met my prized pupil. Within 3 months after becoming a new mom, I quit my job, packed up our house and (thanks to my husband's new job) relocated from Reading, PA to Old Town Alexandria.

I have always loved to be active. But doing that with a baby in tow is tricky. And not knowing anyone in Alexandria made that even harder. After some simple googling, I found Fit4Mom Alexandria/Arlington Stroller Strides, and went to my first class in September 2015. My daughter and I were hooked from the get go! Thanks to the chronic DC traffic, and my husband, Dave's, preference for open air and a yard- we moved to Lorton in February 2016. I quickly reached out to Shannon and started attending her Woodbridge classes ASAP. Obviously, I loved it!

Shannon and her Fit4Mom team do more than just lead fun challenging workouts. They've given me a community of likeminded moms who I can enjoy in and outside of class! Not to mention, the extra mile they go for arranging outings for me (AKA Mom's Night Out), field trips for my little, and weekly play groups that just make life more fun for me and my daughter.

Like a true extrovert, I love meeting new people and like a true kindergarten teacher, I love to encourage, doodle, and communicate. So when Shannon asked me to help her reach out to moms via Social Media- it was a match made in Fit4Mom heaven. It is important to me to connect and encourage moms in our community. To help new moms fully understand all the genuine fun and fitness Fit4Mom has to offer.

Whether you're a new mommy or a veteran one - I already like you! And if I haven't met you yet, I look forward to chatting with you and your little(s) soon. :)


Our Village Manager
FIT4BABY, Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre Instructor Springfield Town Center / Hayfield

I am mom to Ronan (June 2015) and Isla (November 2017). I work part-time as an Elementary School Counselor. I discovered Stroller Strides when I was on maternity leave with Ronan and missed the support and community when I went back to work full time. Now that I work part-time, I have re-established my connection to this wonderful village and group of moms! I love the fact that I can bring my son with me, get in a great workout, and develop friendships with other moms in the community. I am excited to be a part of this village, to help other moms take time for themselves, and continue to build a community of strong mommas!


Body Back instructor Woodbridge

I’m a mom of two girls, Lyndsey (22 yrs old) and Cassandra (16 yrs old). I was introduced to Body Back January 2015 and couldn’t get enough. Learning more about nutrition combined with high intensity workouts have pushed me out of my comfort zone and have helped me achieve the results I was looking for. Thanks to Body Back I am now in better shape and stronger than I have ever been. I look forward to my new journey as an instructor and hope to encourage other women to grow and support them in their personal journeys.


Body Back instructor Hayfield/Kingstowne

I am Mom to Veronica (July 2012) and Audra (November 2014) and work full time as the Senior Director of Events at WETA. During maternity leave with my second daughter, I found Stroller Strides and, once back at work, did three sessions of Body Back. Clearly I am hooked on FIT4MOM. I love the community of this inspiring group of Moms aimed at being healthy and working out together. Fitness has always been a part of my life - one of my majors in college was dance. I hope to be able to share my passion for fitness with others.


Body Back instructor Hayfield/Kingstowne

I am Mom to Sydney (December 2012) and Liam (March 2015) and work part-time from home as a web developer. In the past, I’ve coached soccer and basketball and have always had a passion for health and fitness. Gaining 65 lbs. with my first pregnancy made me realize how important that lifestyle was in order to lose the baby weight and be a healthy mom for my family. Once I started Body Back classes after my second child was born I was instantly sold on the effectiveness of the program and the strong community it builds and as soon as the opportunity arose I became a certified instructor. I am so excited to share my love for fitness with other moms in the area.


Stroller Strides Instructor Occoquan/Woodbridge

Hi there! Noah (May 2014) is my little superhero. As a full-time working mom, and Single Mother By Choice, I needed to find my way back to a healthy lifestyle that would help me keep up with my growing boy, and did not require a babysitter! In 2015 I found Fit4Mom—and it was the answer—not only to my physical health, but also to my mommy mental health. My journey started as a weekend warrior at Stroller Strides, and then I jumped into Body Back in 2017. Shannon’s passion for her work, and the fact that I kept coming back for more, made it a no-brainer when Shannon asked me to become an instructor and help keep other hard working moms out there finding time to take care of themselves! So grab the kiddos and come join me for a “Weekend Stroll!"


Playgroup Captain - Our Village in Burke

I am mom to Arwen (January 2013) and Lorelei (October 2015). In addition to caring for my girls, I have a photography business for children and family portrait sessions. I started Stroller Strides at another location in 2013 and was instantly hooked. Having never really exercised before, getting into a fitness routine was easier than I thought it could be, and I loved having a support network with a common objective. I joined Shannon's franchise when she began in 2014 and have watched her amazing village grow. It took three years of Stroller Strides, but I finally enrolled in the Body Back program and have been thrilled with the results. I am excited to be the playgroup captain for our Burke location and can't wait to make classes fun for kids and moms!


Playgroup Captain Our Village Kingstowne and Springfield

Hello There! I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful littles- John (May 2013) and Clara (November 2015); and a military- (Navy- Seabee) wife. Finding friends during moves can be tough but then I saw Shannon advertise for the Fit4Mom classes and I thought I would give it a try. From the first day I was hooked and signed up for a membership right there with Amber! I love the friendships that my kiddos and I have made with so many wonderful people! Its amazing the village that we have and how the connections go beyond the workout classes. It didn't take long before I jumped on to be Play Group Captain at Kingstowne and Springfield locations. I enjoy being creative with the different playgroup themes and being able to help connect and spread the love with the moms and kids. I found a place where I can be myself and know that I am accepted for me and thats a feeling that is just amazing. My kids are seeing a happy and healthy mom and will practice the workout moves and songs when we are at home too. It truly does take a village and I'm thrilled I found mine!


Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre Instructor Burke

Hi friends! My husband Pete and I are the proud parents of two spunky little girls named Aurora (Sept.2008) and Anila (Jan. 2016). Before finding FIT4MOM I worked in Early Childhood Education since 2006, specializing in Infant care and enrichment. I have been an active member of Stroller Strides since April 2016 and I couldn't imagine a life without this amazing village of moms and babies! I am now a certified Stroller Strides instructor and I can't wait to lead you, along with our amazing team of trainers through your own unique fitness journey. We are all in this wonderful thing called Motherhood together! So give us just an hour of your time - bring your stroller (with baby inside!), a yoga mat and your beautiful self to one of our classes. Come see what fun we have planned for you and the littles! Your village is waiting and we can't wait to meet YOU!


FIT4BABY, Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre Instructor Woodbridge

Hello, my name is Heather and I am a mom to Wesley (August 2015) and have another little one on the way (January 2018). My husband is in the military and after moving to Japan and having my son, I decided to become a stay at home mom. I began my fitness journey in 2008 when I become an aerobics instructor. I earned my Masters degree in Exercise Science at UWF and became a personal trainer while completing school. I even trained for and competed in several figure competitions while attending school and made it to nationals in Atlanta in 2012. A friend of mine introduced me to Stroller Strides after becoming an instructor herself. I was intrigued as it sounded like the perfect fit for me! I was still in living in Japan so I didn’t have the opportunity to try it but as soon as we arrived in Virginia I scouted out the closest Stroller Strides and contacted Shannon right away. I was hooked at my very first class! I am so honored to be a part of this village and very much value the relationships I have already made that will surely last a lifetime!


Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre Instructor Kingstowne/Hayfield

Hello there! I'm Katie, mom to Grayson (July 2016). I've always loved fitness and exercise and over the years have tried lots of different fitness trends, from Crossfit to teaching Zumba. When I became a mom I had no idea how or if I could keep up my healthy hobby- until I discovered FIT4MOM! I've decided to become part of the FIT4MOM team because of the unique blend of health, community, and support. I'm excited to welcome new moms and littles to our Village!


FIT4BABY Program Manager & Instructor, Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre instructor Burke & Springfield

Hi! I’m a wife and a mom of two boys Jack (Dec 2013) & Joey (Jan 2017) that I’m crazy about. I worked in the dental field for ten years and am now a stay at home mom. Attending Stroller Strides really makes me feel like I’m doing something positive for myself as it allows me to meet my fitness and social needs while still being connected to my children. I was thrilled by the opportunity to become an instructor and during training was struck by the beautiful values of FIT4MOM and their approach towards women. I’m so grateful to be a part of this and look forward to assisting other moms in their journey through motherhood, health, and wellness.


Stroller Strides & Body Back Instructor Fairfax Station and Woodbridge

Hey y’all! I am wife to Bart, Mom to Alexandra (October
2016) and our English Bulldog. I recently separated from
Active Duty Military and now serve as an Air Force
Reservist at the Pentagon.
I studied Kinesiology and Physical Education at Auburn
University (AL) and am a certified military physical training
After the birth of Allie, I quickly realized that I couldn’t do
it alone. Stroller Strides and the entire #Fit4MomLSBWKNoVa
village was exactly the support network I had been
The FIT4MOM programs are an amazing way to share my
enthusiasm for fitness and a healthy lifestyle (with baby in
tow). I can’t wait to your smiling face in class!


Playgroup Captain - Our Village Woodbridge

Hello there! I’m Reba and am mom to Anastasia (September 2016). I decided to become a SAHM once she came into our lives. We moved to Woodbridge in the early 2017. I needed mom friends to find support in my new role as mom and to connect in the local area. Thank goodness I found the FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa page on Facebook. I immediately tried a Stroller Strides class at Potomac Mills Mall and fell in love. Before Anastasia I used to go to a gym with my friend, but after baby I just never felt comfortable leaving her with strangers. I love being able to get in my fitness with her alongside me. I also enjoy the support network and that we all have a common objective; to live a healthy lifestyle and to give our children a lifestyle to emulate. I joined Shannon's franchise in April 2017 and have been a part of this amazing village ever since. In the meantime, I am also enrolled in Body Back classes, which I thoroughly enjoy. Additionally, I help out with the daycare in the HIIT classes on my days that I’m not working out with Anastasia. The best part of my village involvement is that I am the playgroup captain for our Woodbridge location. It’s such a pleasure to make playgroups & classes fun for kids and moms!


Community Builder - Local Partner Ambassador

Heyyyy! Before mom life I was heavily into real estate, back in the day I did a LOT of retail management and for the past several years I’ve been a Field Hockey coach at Woodbridge H.S.

With my husband (Chris) being deployed and my new role as a stay at home mom to Lizzie (June 2017), I knew I had to make some changes in my life and go outside of my box! I am SO glad Fit4Mom was recommended to me! After my first class I knew I was hooked on something that would change my life, for the better.

I love what this program has to offer, the genuine support we give to each other in the most encouraging environment – oh and there’s the workouts too! I usually workout in Springfield - so come on by to say Heeeyyyy!

I am so excited to be a part of this team and to take on the role as a Community Builder!


FIT4BABY & Stroller Strides Instructor Springfield

Hi!! My name is Kellie and i'm momma to Mika (March 2014) and Bear (July 2016). I'm a military wife, a stay at home mom, and I also work from home part time. FIT4MOM came into my life at the perfect moment, when I needed to find a way to create a healthy lifestyle for not only myself but as an example to my children. I started with weekly workouts with Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre then dove into a round of Body Back. I've met some wonderful mommas along the way and am excited to start my journey as an instructor with FIT4MOM! Looking forward to seeing you in class!more
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