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With Twins - Stroller Strides. If I can do it, so can you!

I always planned on being a “fit mom”. I mean who doesn’t? But then James and Addeline actually came, and I was exhausted.

Turns out, babies are a ton of work! Between taking care of twins and breastfeeding, I was loosing weight, but I still wanted to be active. I also felt like it was all too easy to use the kids as an excuse to stay home all the time. I wont lie, it takes an insane amount of preparation to get all three of us out of the house, and sometimes most of the time I just couldn’t motivate myself to even go to the grocery store, let alone to the gym.

By the time the twins were about four months, I was starting to feel like a recluse. The weather was getting warmer, and I knew that the three of us needed to get out and socialize. That’s when I heard about Stroller Strides. I loved the idea of moms working out together, but I was really unsure about taking two babies to a group workout. What if one of them started crying? Or needed to be fed? What if BOTH of them ended up fussing? I really didn’t want to be the mom who disrupts the class over not one, but two inconsolable kids.

If you’ve ever felt this way, I'm here to tell you, its completely possible to be active in a group setting with one, or even two babies in tow.

I’ve since learned that becoming a mother is like entering into a sisterhood. If one (or both) of my babies cry in a public place, for the most part, any available mom is going to offer a hand, and that goes both ways. No matter where I’m at, or what we’re doing, if I see a mom in need, and I have a free hand, Im going to offer it. This is especially true in a setting like Stroller Strides.

I’ve recommended Stroller Strides to mom friends before, but I think they feel the same apprehension I felt in the beginning, so I decided to dedicate this post to any mom who wants to venture out, but isn’t quite sure what to expect.

I woke up on Friday morning before the kids, got myself dressed, and then got them up and gave them morning bottles. After bottles and some breakfast, I let them play for a bit while I packed the diaper bag, some snacks, and loaded our BOB double jogger into the car. I use our double umbrella for a lot of outings because its lightweight, but the BOB is hands down my favorite all in one stroller, especially when I plan on running or jogging. I actually saw the BOB in action at my first Stroller Strides class, and had to have it. I was afraid at first that it wouldn’t fit in my car, but the tires are all easily removable so that it can fit in practically any vehicle.

When we got to Burke Lake Park for the class, I met the instructor, Ginger who also has boy/girl twins. Our twins actually have very similar names, so we got a kick out of that. Ginger is super fun and sweet, and you can tell that she really loves being around kids, and helping moms stay active. We had a group of about ten moms. I think four of us had twins.

The class is perfect in that we don't really stay in one place long enough for the babies to get bored. It’s divided into 5-6 segments/stations. As everyone was arriving, I gave the kids some blueberry bagels to snack on. We started out in a circle where we did a workout, while introducing ourselves. As an ice breaker we were asked to tell the group a silly thing we do in our sleep. I am a pretty boring sleeper now, but I recalled the early days with the twins, I used to wake Kris up in the middle of the night frantically asking “is there a baby in the bed? are you crushing a baby? Where are the babies?” even though they were sleeping in the nursery… everyone got a good laugh out of that, like I said, its a sisterhood.

At each station we did a workout while we sang nursery rhymes to the babies. Then we would run/jog to the next station.

Ginger worked us hard!!! Seriously, but it was SO fun! We moved around, and sang/talked so much that I didn’t even realize how tired I was until the very end. I had brought a ton of toys for the kids, but they didn't even need them, they really just enjoyed watching all of us jump around and sing to them. At one point a group of babies started a laughing coo, and it just echoed through the park. Of course, I enjoyed working out with other moms, but what I loved even more was how much fun the kids seemed to have. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it just put us all in such a great mood to be outdoors, getting our juices flowing.

After the hour long workout, they held a little playdate for the kids to get out of strollers and play with push toys. It was a neat idea, and another way for babies, and mamas to socialize. I’m also part of the Stroller Strides Facebook group, and they hold a lot of Moms Nigh Out’s, and other social events including field trips and playdates. As a stay at home mom, I’m always looking for new ways to fill up our calendar, so I’m definitely going to be signing up for more activities in the future.

Since becoming a mom, I notice that I gravitate towards my other mom friends. I cant imagine not having friends who just get it. If you’re open to making new mom friends, and getting fit in the process, I highly recommend checking out your local Stroller Strides class. We have to drive 45 mins to our favorite class, but its completely worth it!

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