Whistle While You Work - Body Back Transformation Week Four

Wow, we’re already half way through this Body Back session! Our road trip related focus for week four was “map checking”. We took a look at where we were at, what we’ve been doing well, and what we could change.

I’ve been focusing on making my work my play. Life can be very challenging at times, but I don’t need to make it harder than it needs to be. My yoga teacher Dianne encouraged us to view class as an oasis and not a grind. This can apply to all areas of life. When heading to a Body Back class, I suggest shifting your perspective from “I’m going to punish myself with militant willpower and white-knuckle my way through this torture” to “Let’s meet up at 5:30am as a sort of play date. Let’s see what the instructor has in store for us today! Let’s delight in the music and the endorphin-releasing movement!”

​Switching topics, I’d like to briefly share an experience I had in class on Thursday. The exercise portion of the class had ended and I was lying on my back for meditation. I had been experiencing a lot of frustration with my children recently as my husband had been out of town the previous week and my patience was slowly being exhausted. Megan turned on a song and about ten seconds in I felt hot tears pouring down the sides on my face into my hair. There was a lyric about holding your child’s small hand in yours, and how very soon that tiny little hand will become a big adult hand. When I went home that morning I was extra sweet to my boys and cherished the fact that at least for that day, they were still my little babies. Don’t get me wrong, I think its great that they’re growing up and will someday become the beautiful men they were meant to be. But I also want to appreciate the here and now and not miss out on them being at this precious age.

​This program has already done wonders for my body. Clean eating has become second nature, which is so good for my physical health. I love the way my body is and looks so strong, although I was already happy with the way my body looked before I started. I personally chose to do this for the mental benefits, which have been so positive. So whether you call it Body Back or Mind Back there is a spot here for you if you’d ever like to try it!