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The Gift of Grace

Raise your hand if you love the holidays!! The holiday movies, lights, holiday baking, music, festivities, Hanukah, Santa events, parties, the festive spirit...the list goes on and on! There is so much fun and excitement to cram into the 3-4 short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And seeing it all through the eyes of your child is truly magical.

And in all honesty, it is truly exhausting. Things are hard with kids. Getting out the door is hard enough, but then trying to attend holiday events, go out in the cold to see lights, getting the perfect holiday photo, sending out your card, making cookies, and doing ALL the things that Instagram and Pinterest say you should do…exhausting. And hard. It is hard to do it all and it is easy to get wrapped into what you should do to ensure your kids and family have the best holiday season.

I am right there with all of you who try to cram it all in. Do you want to see my “holiday fun list” for my 3.5-year-old and 1-year-old to fully enjoy the holiday season? Here it goes: Zoo lights, Bull Run, attend a tree lighting, Meadowlark, build a gingerbread house, make ornaments, advent calendars (yes 2 – 1 with treats and 1 focusing on the story of Jesus’ birth), Santa train, see Santa, buy gifts for everyone, go to the holiday market down town, Boat light parade, watch ALL the holiday movies (did you know if I don’t watch the Santa Claus this year, it may never be on again?!), Botanical Gardens, White House tree…this isn’t even all of it. Who has time for all of that? What kind of expectation am I setting up for myself? And for 2 kids who are so young? This in addition to buying all the gifts.

I want to tell you (and myself) something. We don’t have to do ALL the holiday things to have a meaningful and memorable holiday season with our children. There is time to enjoy things. If every year you do the same things it will become less magical. Spread out the magic! Slow down. And give yourself grace. This season of life is hard enough before you add in the holiday season.

Kids have a meltdown during family photos? Give yourself grace and use a different picture for the Christmas card. And if the card stresses you out, send a Happy Holidays email!

Didn’t get to the gingerbread house this year? Draw one. Or don’t. And give yourself grace.

Forgot to watch The Grinch this year? Give yourself grace. It will be on next year. Or watch it December 26th, who cares!

No time to make homemade gifts for the grandparents? Give yourself grace and remind yourself that even though they smile and love those gifts on Christmas day, they probably don’t want them afterwards 😊

Enjoy your family and this embrace this season of life you are in. Instead of stressing yourself out, make things easier for yourself, your spouse, and your kids. Enjoy a Christmas movie at home in pjs instead of going out to look at lights. Buy Christmas cookies instead of making them. Stop scrolling Instagram and comparing what you do to what everyone else does.

Pick the traditions and events that will mean the most to you in this season and forget the rest. You can always add in things as the kids get older and life gets easier. Gift yourself grace and take time to enjoy where you are in life. The magic will still be there, and you will get to enjoy it even more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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