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Thank you, Mandy!

With every new season there are changes. We have one coming to our Springfield Village as Play Group Captain, Mandy Welch, and her family makes a big move across the country to Colorado in the coming weeks.

“Mandy’s playgroups are always so cute and organized. Clyde and I really look forward to them. I remember telling Mandy I thought she was a veteran mom because of the detail she puts into every aspect of playgroup and how effortlessly she parents Natalie in the process. Not to mention how cute Natalie is always dressed. When she told me she was a first-time mom, I was blown away. Mandy definitely gives me #Goals vibes for sure 😊 Mandy and Natalie will be missed!” – Octavia Cross, Springfield Stroller Strides/Barre Mama

“Mandy was a great playgroup captain! She always had a great mix of things for different age kids to play with and kept a smile on her face through workouts and playgroups alike! She will be missed.” – Sarah Benson, Springfield Stroller Strides Mama

“Mandy has been a crucial part of the Stroller Strides experience for us. Her playgroups are so fun and engaging for all ages. She has an amazing ability to keep activities planned and organized all while loving on Natalie and the other kids. She has a wonderful grace and calm about her that makes going to playgroup a perfect cool-down activity. Thank you for all the awesome fun and friendship, Mandy!” – Casey Applegate, Springfield Stroller Strides Mama

“Vivian will miss Mandy’s snacks. She is always the first to enjoy them. Mandy’s sweet disposition and welcoming smile will be missed!” – Jennifer Johnson, Springfield Stroller Strides Mama

“Mandy has been great! She’s super helpful in class when kids are being fussy, always has a positive attitude, and organized great playgroups with toys and activities for the kiddos.” – Kayla Lyons, Springfield Stroller Strides Instructor

“I first met Mandy in line at Starbucks inside Springfield Town Center. She was pushing her dearest little newborn Natalie. I said hello from behind her, and invited her to come to a free class. She put my postcard in her purse and said thank you. I didn’t realize at that time, but it was a moment that turner her lonely motherhood journey around. She started coming to Stroller Strides all the time, easily connected with the other moms and when the opportunity arose to have a position as Playgroup Captain, she eagerly accepted. It’s been a pleasure watching her grow into her role. Thank you Mandy- you will be missed!” – Shannon Link, Fit4Mom LSBWK Franchise owner

“Over the past year, Fit4Mom has given me the strength and support I needed to adjust to becoming a first-time mom. I have made friends that will last a lifetime and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Natalie and I have been so blessed to be a part of this tribe and we will miss them tremendously.” – Mandy Welch, Springfield Playgroup Captain

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