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Thank you for everything, Andrea!

Farewell to one of our wonderful team members, Andrea Robinson!

Rewind to January 3rd, 2016......I received an email from Andrea introducing herself as new to the area (Vienna) and she had heard about my grand opening of the Burke Stroller Strides location. She had let me know that she taught Stroller Strides for 3 years for a franchise in Connecticut previously. Having just moved from their last duty station in Hawaii, she was ready to get involved with FIT4MOM once again. I immediately called fellow franchisee Katherine Thuma in Connecticut to inquire about Andrea. Her response came within 30 seconds 'HIRE HER!' and I did.

Andrea began her dual role as our Friday instructor AND Burke playgroup captain (she is also an event coordinator! SCORE!)! Once the new school year came around her youngest Ethan had changes in his school schedule, she could no longer teach in Burke; this was hard. However, Andrea said she'd be available on Monday's so I gave her my Springfield classes and she very quickly acclimated herself and our village. Her classes are always fun, entertaining and challenging. We are going to miss her creativity so much, her laugh, her confidence, everything! We wish her and her beautiful family all the best on their new adventures back in ...... CONNECTICUT! Yes, she will teach for Katherine Thuma once again - best of luck!

~ Shannon L., Franchisee of FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa

“One word I would use to describe Andrea: energy. I have always enjoyed attending her Monday classes. I am ALWAYS late on Mondays... as in more than 10 minutes. No matter what time I show up or how frazzled I am, she always greets me with a welcoming smile and no judgment, and I am encouraged to just let it all go, get started and join in. I tend to get distracted by snack-obsessed child during class and sometimes miss directions, but her energetic voice keeps me up to speed. I really need her high energy on Monday mornings and she certainly delivers. She will be missed.”

~ Lauren N., Springfield Village

“One of the hardest parts of being a military family is the moving. Having to pack up and leave friends and the familiar behind and start all over again in a brand new place. FIT4MOM has remained a constant for my family when everything else has been changing. I'm so lucky to have discovered FIT4MOM way back in 2010 and it has remained an important part of our lives regardless of what city we were living. FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa has been an amazing part of our time here in Virginia. I loved being part of the instructor team and teaching Strollers Strides and Fit4Baby were always a highlight of my week. I will miss everyone so much. Thank you!”

~ Andrea R., Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby Instructor

Andrea, we are so thankful for everything you have done for our village at FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa! Safe travels to Connecticut – they are lucky to have you!

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