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Stepping Out: Saying Yes to Fit4Mom

Ok, so...this is the first blog I’ve ever written. I thought I should throw that out there right off the bat just in case I commit any blogging faux pas. My apologies. When trying to come up with an idea for something to write about, I decided, as with most things, the best place to start was the beginning - how I came to be a member of the Fit4Mom crew! When it came time to decide if I was willing to commit my time and money to this, I reached out to my best friend in California, who has done something like Stroller Strides in the past and asked her if it was worth it. Her response to me was “It is what you make of it”.

Honestly, I was kind of hoping for a clear yes or no and here’s why: my pros and cons list had gotten out of control! To join or not to join? See, while I’m generally outgoing (sometimes a little too much...), I’m not big on group activities. Especially not group exercise activities (I am definitely more of a gym rat, ear bud, no eye contact kind of a worker outer). Also, I needed to lose weight – would the workouts be enough to get me where I wanted to go? And then I remembered what my BFF said, “It is what YOU make of it”.

So, out of my comfort zone I went, signed up, and I can tell you with 100% honesty that I have NOT regretted that decision for even one second. Not even when the instructors try to get me to bear crawl! Fit4Mom does everything it needs to do – provides trained instructors, multiple locations/days/times, a good variety of classes – and then it takes it a step further by giving us all a ready-made group of people who understand the simultaneous highs and lows of motherhood. Score!

I’ll never take advantage of all of the playgroups or special outings but it’s nice to know they’re available if I change my ways. My focus is on the workouts and I have not been disappointed! The weight loss is coming along nicely and while it’s true I’ve modified my eating habits, I know Stroller Strides is playing a big part in all of this too.

To the instructors and class members that I see on a regular basis, thank you for welcoming me! And for putting up with me! I know I can be a lot to handle, especially at 9:15 in the morning! Happy Thanksgiving month!

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