See ya later Heather!

Heather and family! We have been so lucky to have you on board as a Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and Body Back instructor over the past year. You have been such a wonderful part of our village and we will truly miss you, Matt, Wesley, and Brooklyn. We know you will continue your journey helping others! Enjoy your time in South Carolina!

“Heather leads challenging, motivational workouts that are fun for mamas and kids. We were acting like animals one day and bear hunting the next. I’ll miss her encouragement and support in getting healthier!”

~Joy Robb, Woodbridge Stroller Strides/Barre Mama and Stroller Barre Instructor

“Heather is an amazing instructor and person! She has made classes fun and also works our butts off! She brings a smile and cheers everyone on. She is like our personal cheerleader! She will be greatly missed by everyone!”

~Reba Poskey, Woodbridge Play Group Captain

“Heather has been an amazing instructor that sure made a mama feel good about themselves. As an instructor, she pushed me to do my best and concentrate on me for an hour and that made me feel so good, even though it was hard. At our field trips, she took the time to stay longer just so I wasn’t there alone (because I was always late). Heather is an incredible woman, a strong mama, a loving friend, and I will miss her dearly. Good luck and I hopt to visit you soon!”

~Samantha Williams, Woodbridge Stroller Strides/Barre Mama

“Heather’s ability to marry her vast fitness knowledge and keep babies entertained is second to none! Her workouts are creative and incorporate something for both mom and baby to enjoy! Her presence will be deeply missed!”

~Tory Caudill, Woodbridge Stroller Strides/Barre Mama

Lest but not least a note from Heather to Our Village


“Fit4Mom has been everything in my life that I didn’t know I needed! As a military family, we move around quite a bit. It is difficult moving somewhere without any close relatives or family. I knew we would only be here for about a year so I wasn’t really expecting to find many friends in the area. Not only did I find friends…I found a village. My Village! During my time here, I not only grew as an instructor...I grew as a mother, a friend, a spouse, and I gained my sense of self back after having my second baby (Body Back for the win!). My children have also experience the amazingness that is Fit4Mom! This is their village too! Words cannot express how much you have all meant to me over the last year. I only hope I can find other women as amazing as you have been as we transition to our new home in South Carolina. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and love over the past 12 months! I wish all of you, your children, and your families the very best now and in the future.”

~Heather Hamtak, Woodbridge Stroller Strides/Barre and Body Back Instructor

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