School Meal Program

I was trying to figure out what sort of back-to-school meals to post here, but I wasn’t finding any new ideas. Instead, I want to highlight an important service that local school districts are providing: FREE meals to all children aged 18 years and under. ALL OF THEM. Even younger siblings of your elementary kiddos.

That means that no matter your situation, you can go pick up breakfasts and lunches for your children at local distribution sites. For us, it’s every morning at our elementary school. I am amazed at Fairfax County especially; in addition to the distribution sites that are open all morning, there are bus routes that stop for about 10 minutes all over. They also provide weekend meals when you go pick up on Fridays. Prince William County has pickups on Mondays and Thursdays and hands out kits for multiple days. Both programs have funding through December 31st. Keep this program going and take advantage of the nutritious meals they are offering!

As for kid-friendly, sure, my kids don’t eat all the broccoli or carrots or whatever vegetable every time, but so far they are enjoying the variety. I skipped a day this week and my 7 year old was actually disappointed. It sure beats peanut butter sandwiches five days a week and it makes virtual school seem even more official. (Thank you for making my life easier, too!)

Wear a mask and bring a bag when you go! It varies, but you may need to provide proof of residency/enrollment in school. At mine, they only asked for the number of children that needed meals.

Click here to find your local sites:

Fairfax County

Prince William County

(Thanks, Rebecca, for the photos!)