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Playgroup Captain Corner - May 2017

Our Favorite Mother’s Day Crafts

We have a great team of Playgroup Captains at FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa who work tirelessly to make your playgroups and fieldtrips AWESOME! And we want you to get to know them better through a new series, Playgroup Captain Corner. Periodically, they will post articles on various topics from snack tips during Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre classes to favorite outdoor activities. Have a topic you would like them to post about, send us an email at!

There are those crafts you do with your kids that are great memory makers and then there are those crafts that make wonderful keepsakes and remind you that your little ones will not be small forever. Here are our favorite Mother’s Day Crafts to do with our kids.

Emily Miller – Woodbridge Playgroup Captain

For a Mother's Day craft at home, I found this great idea! It's a little bit more time consuming than we have at class, but would be easy and fun for a gift! I love how you can put more than one child's hand prints in the flower pot.

This would be a great project, not just for a mom, but for grandmothers or other special mom's in your life. You could get all of the grandchildren to make the flowers and put them together.

Another great craft is this glass jar vase. You can take a ball jar, or any glass jar, paint all of the outside, except for a "frame." This shows a square shape, but could be a cute heart. Then you take a picture you love and just place it on the inside. This would be best used with fake flowers since you wouldn't be able to put water inside and then you can change the picture over time.

This shows just a simple color all around, but you could get the kids involved! Let them paint the outside how they like! Even toddlers could cover it with their fingers and make a cool mix look! On glass you can clean the shape of the frame out after it dries!

**Emily has been a member of FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa since June 2016 and is mom to Maci (October 2014).

Jen Gerlach – Kingstowne Playgroup Captain

I love to do anything that involves those sweet handprints of my littles. Poems showing the love between me and my kiddos, and how much I am impacting them daily are always great reminders on the rough days. I love this flower pot craft- simple, creative and something to make you smile when you look at it!

**Jen has been a member of FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa since August 2016 and is mom to John (May 2013) and Clara (November 2015).

Jenny Bezos – Burke Playgroup Captain

My favorite crafts always involve a child’s hands or feet, since they are such an easy way to personalize the craft. This is especially true for a baby who can’t contribute his or her own creative style yet. I love looking back at previous years’ prints and seeing how much my kids have grown. Painted or just traced and cut out, I am a sucker for little fingers and toes. For our Mother’s Day Craft this year, I am having a hard time choosing just one! This craft includes all the digits.

There are endless ideas out there for painted prints that are made into all kinds of plants and creatures. I like this craft so that older children can personalize a bit more. No matter what you choose, anything involving flowers, little fingers and a cute poem with win every time!

**Jenny has been a member of FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa since August 2014 and is mom to Arwen (January 2013) and Lorelei (October 2015).

Krista Long – Springfield Playgroup Captain

I was just reminded of the handprint poem. There are so many versions out there that you can choose from that involve handprints and footprints (great for the really little kiddos) and then they can decorate it however they would like. I love that this is a simple keepsake your kiddos can make to remind you to smile when you see them and appreciate this time when they are small! Simple and memorable.

**Krista has been a member of FIT4MOM LSBWK NoVa since December 2015 and is mom to Christine (July 2013) and Abigail (April 2016).

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