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See those 2 kiddos in the picture above? They are my why. But you know who else is? The lady in the middle (ME!)

When you become a mom, your kids become your world. The life you previously knew that was me-centric is gone. Three and a half years in, I still have moments of mourning the loss of the freedom before kids. About 4 months after my daughter was born last fall, I felt like I needed to do something for myself. Being pulled in all directions by 2 kids was wearing on me and I never had 5 minutes alone. Body Back allowed me the time to myself and to push myself. It reminded me of a time pre-kids when I would go to the gym alone. I felt strong and I also felt unity with other moms. And finishing my work out by 6:15am meant I had it out of the way with no little ones getting in the way. The results from that Transformation session were awesome. I felt great, was eating better, and had new connections with moms I don’t normally see at Stroller Strides.

Since that first Transformation session last spring, I have taken time off and attend classes when I can, in addition to Strides/Barre and home workouts. But I am ready to recommit to myself this month. So what exactly can you gain for an 8-week Transformation session? For each mom it is different, but here is why I am doing this next round. For me, Body Back is not about weight loss, but so much more. I am fortunate to have the body shape I do and a decent metabolism. But I desperately need to get part of myself back. My brain is constantly going- scheduling, organizing, cleaning, making sure everyone is fed, planning activities, to-do lists….I could go on forever. And I work part-time outside the home. I am mentally exhausted the majority of the time. I adore my children, but I miss the freedom. Honestly, I miss myself as #1 sometimes too. For me, taking care of myself is the first step. I am also a better mom and wife when I am taking care of myself. I don’t want to be the last one on my list. I think it is important to make myself, and my health, a priority. And I need accountability. I need other moms!

Our next session starts January 13th and I can’t wait – although I may need to practice getting up for those 5:15am workouts 😊. I will be checking back in over the 8 week session and I am excited to share the journey with all of you!

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