My 8 week Transformation Journey one week at a time

Week 1: Commit to YOU!

Hey mamas! I'm Ali, I'm a BodyBack participant and very recently became a Fit4Mom instructor! I'm also momma to Connor (3) and Emma (1). I'll be blogging weekly here about BodyBack and hope to share my highs and lows, triumphs and challenges as I progress through our Spring 2018 BB Transformation session. It'll be short and sweet -- let's be honest, our time as mommas is limited! But I hope you'll be able to identify {and find some humor} in my experience and follow along the next several weeks.

After being part of the winter BodyBack Transformation session (see image!), I was HOOKED! We were still new to the area and I was looking for a way to lose a little more of that baby weight. After a successful first transformation, I lost almost 10 pounds and increased my strength and overall mental, physical and emotional health significantly. I decided to keep going back for more and committed to the Spring 2018 session with the hopes of shedding a few more pounds and toning up. At the same time I committed to the session, I found out I'd be going back on active duty as a Navy Reservist. Never one to turn down a multi-tasking challenge (isn't that a mom super power?), I decided to keep BB on my schedule, despite going back to work full-time and having two littles at home. And after the first week, you know what? It's awesome. Yes, our mornings are a bit more stressful two days a week. But knowing that I've already accomplished my workout for the day as I head into work keeps me riding a high all day.

I'll be honest, food journaling isn't my strong suit. And I knew that going into this session it would be harder to plan and prep my weeks. But I'm committing to keeping my nutrition at the forefront -- eating clean and sticking to my plan. Because, let's be honest, how easy is it to just swipe those extra pieces of mac-n-cheese from our kids' plate after dinner? Or take another lick of peanut butter when making their sandwiches at lunchtime? I'm saying it here: I'm not perfect. But man I love peanut butter. So hopefully I'll be able to keep my licks, tastes and sneaks at a minimum and commit to the plan. But my overarching goal for the session is to always make it to both workout classes during the week (where are my Burke mamas at?!) and add two additional home workouts to my schedule. It's so easy to hit the snooze button or not get that evening workout in. Because let's be honest, life is busy from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. And sometimes, or most times, our workouts are the thing that get pushed to the bottom of our to-do list. But say it with me: We Can Do Hard Things! And while making time for ourselves and {finally} putting our fitness and nutrition as a priority may require extra work, it's totally worth it.

So. Last week was a big one for me. The start of work. The start of a new session. And the start of a new commitment to my overall mental, physical and emotional fitness. Let's see what's in store for week 2!

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