My 8 week Body Back Transformation Journey - Week 2

Week 2: Be Fearless

Hey mommas! Whew – week 2, am I right? Let me tell you that it was tough…a busy week at work, a weekend out of town, a wedding and much too much champagne. My food journal this week had lots of red on it this morning once Coach Becky took her pen to it. I did a particularly poor job at journaling my snacks and I was up two pounds at weigh-ins last week. I always think, “I’ll jot this down later” and lo and behold…later never happens. But, despite falling off the bandwagon slightly, I will give myself a pat on the back for 1. Making it to two BB workouts and 2. Getting in a family workout on an off day. And when I say family, I mean the whole family. It was a sight. My husband hopped onboard the afternoon workout train, which he never does, my toddler was attempting to do lunges and pushups while hanging on my back and the baby was toddling around wanting me to pick her up in between movements. It was a raucous sight for about 28 minutes, but you know what? We got it in. And it was actually kind of fun and I wish I had taken a selfie. J

So, this week’s theme was: Be Fearless. And as we pushed through workouts and as I {not so frequently} journaled my food and thoughts, the act of being fearless was constantly on my mind. When I was much younger, I ran marathons, drove billion dollar warships, and gallivanted through foreign countries without a care in the world. And I’m sure you’ve been fearless in different ways in your pre-mama life too. I’ve always thought these things and this type of lifestyle were benchmark aspects of be young and fearless. And I remember, after I had my son, thinking I wanted to get back to that fearlessness and being a bad ass because in a way, I felt like motherhood made me more cautious and reserved. And in some instances, it has. But in fact, the reality is that moms are some of the most fearless women I know.

Because, as women and mothers, there are so, so many ways we are fearless without even knowing it. Fearless in the fact that we get up and face the day with our babies {no matter their age} and take what comes at us. Ear infection? We’ve got this. Taking two kids under the age of two to the grocery store? It’s handled. Managing getting to work on time, working a full day, only to get home and get kids to soccer, piano and gymnastics? Done, done and done.

Fearlessness isn’t necessarily about what we’re doing, but rather the fire driving us to go a little bit further, to put aside a fear and embrace an element of the unknown. Sure, diving off a cliff or jumping out of an airplane require certain amounts of fearlessness. But being fearless also means that we take on challenges and do what needs to get done for our kids, our families and ourselves. And YOU momma! You are fearless because you’re getting your workouts in, tracking your nutrition and taking this time for yourself. So keep rockin’ on momma and let’s all roll to week 3! Here’s hoping I can channel some fearlessness and get back on the nutrition train ;-)