Motivating Mom of the Month--October 2020

"She is always so supportive of everyone around her. When I would do nursery time, I could hear her cheering the group on with 'We got this ladies! Woo!' She’s always so focused and dedicated in class that I tell myself I need to get on her level. I’m so excited and grateful that she’s a part of our Village." -Jessica Fischer, Fit4Mom Outreach

"She is always so positive at classes, pushing herself and other moms around her. Love seeing her kiddos at class with her. She is such a wonderful mother to her babies!" -Missy Greeley, Fit4Mom Instructor

"Leslie is a fellow Duke Dog so already gets extra brownie points in my book! But she also brings 100% to her workouts! I always see her going full force during cardio bursts in Stroller Strides and in (formerly) Body Back she’d be encouraging us to keep going. Always enjoy having her in class!!" - Katie Taves, Fit4Mom Instructor

Who are the members of your family and where are you originally from?

We’re a family of four. My husband, Michael, our 4-year-old son Junior and 2-year-old Cadence.

I’m a military brat originally from North Carolina (Go Heels) but call Virginia home.

When was your first Fit4Mom class and what do you remember about it?

My first class was actually Body Back last September. It was great, super welcoming, at your own pace and very supportive.

Where can we find you?

I’m usually somewhere outside with my littles as much as possible. We’re all better humans when we can get out 😊

What is your Fit4Mom routine these days?

October has been lacking with my husband having surgery but I love the Monday/Wednesday/Friday in-person classes.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home (if you don’t currently work outside the home)?

I’m currently a Rodan + Fields consultant from home and up until last year I worked for PWC Parks, Recreation and Tourism for 16 years.

What are 3 of your favorite things?

Family time, being outside and a really good crab cake.

You are given 4 hours of FREE babysitting. What would you do?

Go on a date with my husband!

What has being a mom taught you?

Time really does go by so fast and to cherish and embrace all the crazy!

What is your funniest or most embarrassing mommy moment so far?

Probably most embarrassing was really only to myself or at least no one said anything, haha. But Fit4mom was really the first time being active since my kiddos and realizing all those memes and stories of bladder leaking is so TRUE!

Any words of wisdom for other moms?

Hang in there momma, we are seriously all just not trying to raise dragons!

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

Zero judgment! Even when my kids are acting up or being super loud (Junior) everyone just keeps on going and it's no big deal. Allows me to truly focus on myself and get a great workout and laughs at the same time!

What would you tell someone thinking about joining?

Just do it. There will be no regrets!