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Meet Leean - strong, determined, and dedicated!

I learned about Body Back when I was 10 weeks post-partum. My best friend just finished her 1st session and was encouraging me to do it as well. I approached Shannon and she asked me if I was sure since it's a high intensity workout - I said I was up for the challenge but I was really scared and kind of second guessing myself.

A little background about me, I don't workout, in fact I never liked working out, I signed up initially because I wanted to get my Body Back without dieting. I've pretty much tried all the diet fads (HCG diet, Diet Pills, AdvoCare, Weight Watchers and Yoli) I've spent lots and lots of money on the supplements instead of investing on ME. After I had my baby, I realized that I don't want to take the easy way out anymore- I want to be responsible and be a good example for my daughter. I'm tired of counting calories, limiting my calories to 500/day, getting hungry all the time and just having a shake for breakfast and dinner, I want to eat sensibly without feeling guilty.

My first session was when I was 14 weeks Postpartum and boy was I in for a rude awakening. I am totally out of shape, catching my breath and wondering if I made the right decision. I finished my 1st 8 week session, feeling quite accomplished by losing 12 lbs. I signed up again for a holiday mini session and 2 more sessions after that. Having done the Body Back sessions, I feel more confident in my own skin. My family and coworkers keep giving me complements on how I lost the baby weight so quickly. Before Body Back - my 5 year plan was to get a tummy tuck after Baby #2, now I'd rather eat clean and workout than take the easy way out. You do see a lot of positive changes from Body Back, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. We are all moms here who understand and encourage each other -there's no judgement. One of the things that I would never forget from my first session was when Shannon asked us to write some nice things about each other and one mama wrote "you are stronger than you think". So whenever I feel like giving up, I think about that and I strive to do better. There's a variety in each class (circuit Training, Partner Exercises, Tabata, Games and Traveling Class) so it makes the hour fly by. As a first time mom with a full time job, Body Back was just what I needed to focus on my weight loss goals. I changed my sedentary lifestyle of 0-1 workout a week to 4-6 workouts a week.

I don't know whether its Shannon’s passion or her genuine desire to help people change their lifestyle or the fact that she loves what she does, whatever it was - She's the only person that I would gladly drive 20 miles ,twice a week (in NoVa) just to get my workout. Want to find out why? Then go sign up for Body Back at Fit4Mom LSBW NOVA.

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