Instructor Spotlight: Cristine Glei

"We love Cristine! She keeps my kids engaged all through kids yoga and has so many fun classes! She also gives me a killer workout in Body Ignite! She is super high energy and very kind!" --Annie Sevel

"Cristine is an awesome instructor! Her energy is contagious and keeps me motivated during her Body Ignite classes. She is amazing with little kids and keeps my girls busy and giggling during kids yoga. I have loved working out with her in class and am so excited she became an instructor! We all love her classes!" -Alicia Chiapusio

"Cristine really knows how to connect with her classes! She makes each child in her kids yoga classes feel seen and appreciated. Not an easy task given our virtual world! She helps moms understand the strength exercises and feel successful in Body Ignite, too. I love her positivity and enthusiasm for life!" -Megan Schmid

"We love Christine! My daughter looks forward to yoga with her every week. She makes it fun for the kids with different engaging activities each week. While having fun, they are keeping active and learning real yoga poses." -Sarah Yurasko

Who are the members of your family?

My husband Jason, my son Emerson (4), my daughter Kenna (2) and our dog Ole (OH-Lee)

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in NoVa?

Born and raised in NOVA. We lived in Hayfield through my second grade year, then moved to Clifton. I moved away for college and grad school then slowly made my way back to the NOVA area. I love raising my babies here!

Where do you typically teach?

VIRTUALLY - Body Ignite & Kidding Around Yoga

Tell us your story about how/why you became an instructor for Fit4Mom LSBW NoVa.

Oh mama, I had a really hard, lonely, post-partum experience with Emerson and I was determined to have a different experience with Kenna. I joined Fit4Mom so that I could move my body and make friends with people who “get it”. And WOW did I get more than I ever expected. There is no doubt in my mind that being a part of this community changed my life (and thus my family’s life) for the better. I will be forever grateful for this – and I wanted to pay it forward and offer that same support and community to other moms. We need each other – and we’ve got each other.

What is your favorite thing to teach?

I’m obsessed with both Body Ignite and Kidding Around Yoga.

What is the BEST thing about being an instructor?

Helping mamas SEE & FEEL their strength – physically, mentally, emotionally. And seeing our little yogis learn to take care of themselves one stretch, song and deep breath at a time.

What is your WHY? Why do you keep doing what you do?

My WHY is the tired, stressed, lonely, strong, survivor mama that can do anything.

What is one of your current wellness goals?

I am participating in the Fall Fit4Mom Run Club and I really want to finish the whole 5k WITHOUT STOPPING!

What is a fun fact that many may not know about you?

I can’t dive. I’ve never been a fan of doing anything (literally) head first. If you ever ask me to dive, you’ll see me tentatively approach the side of the pool, put my arms over my heads and drop into the pool like your favorite 8 year old might. I prefer to JUMP right into life 😉.

Anything else you'd like Our Village to know?

I am so so proud to be a part of this village and am so grateful for the immeasurable positive impact Fit4Mom has had in my life. If we haven’t crossed paths yet, I hope to soon! You got this, mama!