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Indoor fun, birthdays and more!


When I was younger there weren’t many indoor playgrounds to go to. Now there are so many places you can take your children when the weather isn’t cooperating for outdoor activities, or just because they are fun places to go.

Imagine your child’s face when he or she walks into this indoor Fun House! If your child doesn’t take a nap or sleep through the night after a few hours at Kid’s Choice Sports Center it would amaze me. There are several bounce houses to jump to one’s content on. Kid’s Choice has thought of something for all ages and genders.

How about being able to workout while your children play right next door in the play area? It’s hard finding child care these days and this solves your problem. Mom or dad can exercise or work on the computer while the kids play. Saves you a lot of time and money. A very convenient option. Come check out Stroller Strides in the morning with Fit4Mom. You can workout with your stroller age child with other mothers and have a great time. Check out their page here.

Kid’s Choice has day camps for when the kids don’t have school whether it be because of a snow day, winter or spring break, or the long summer vacation, you will be able to take your child out of the house and have a good time.

Does your child have a sports team? Look at these pictures, how amazing and fun does that indoor pool and indoor soccer field look? My children complain that they can’t go to the pool during the autumn winter, and spring seasons but something like this solves the problem. An indoor pool for all the swimmers to enjoy. How about the indoor soccer fields right? How fun to be able to still kick the ball around and have some games during the cold weather?

Did someone say birthday?? Kid’s Choice Sports Center offers a few different birthday packages for your little prince or princess! Choose your birthday theme and enjoy the amenities available. This is a parent’s dream, just sitting back and enjoying your child and friends while the staff sets up and cleans up. I know that personally when I have my child’s birthday party at home I am so busy I never get to really enjoy the moment, well these party packages solve that problem.

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