I am probably one of many moms who calls their daughters ‘princess’ and their sons ‘prince’ a term of endearment I would say. Yes, I know some articles came out saying not to do this but in my household I was ok with it.

Not to long ago I was diagnosed with severe anemia and had several vitamin deficiencies. I was working a full time job, 2 par time jobs and I was a mom of 3 children. Needless to say my plate was full. I kept on brushing things off saying that it was easier for me to do everything then having to repeat 5-10 times a day what needed to be done. What can I say my husband and kids seem to have selective hearing.

I want my children to learn to take care of themselves, I will not be here forever and I don’t want them not knowing how to do their own laundry, wash their dishes or use a vacuum. These are simple things they should not rely on others for. Let them be kids, is what I’m told but who said I wasn’t letting them be kids?? I treat them like little princesses!

Guess what? It hit me one day when I just broke down crying, frustrated, tired and sick…….I had lost it, I lost the respect of being their mother, I was their maid, their chef, chauffeur, tutor, and sitter. It was not my daughters’ fault it was mine! I did it to myself.

As many mother’s know we put ourselves last, we dress the kids,the husband and then ourselves, we feed the kids the husband and then if we do get a chance to eat, we eat cold food. We are the last ones to take a break, the last ones to fall asleep. I want to be super mom, walk out with my stilettos and perfectly dressed and polished children, but no, if they brushed their teeth and have clean clothes on I call that a win.

But I asked myself if my daughters are my princesses, who am I? Who is the mother of the princess? Why, I’m the Queen of course! Why do I not treat myself as such. I work hard, give everyone and everything my all, why do I not take care of myself?

Ladies, I am here to say its time we take care of ourselves first. How can we be the best mothers, wives, business women if we do not take care of ourselves first?!

I have so many friends, mothers just like me and you that have their mobile businesses and come to you. So if you need a hairstylist, a makeup artist, a cleaner, masseuse, manicurist, or even a dog groomer don’t use excuses like I was; ‘I don’t have anyone to watch the kids, it’s too far’, it’s too cold, I’m too tired’. We deserve time for ourselves. I used to think that because they came to my home it would be make expensive, this is not the case.

Now if you don’t need any if the above services but still have one or more of those reasons you can use as an excuse t not put yourself first sit down and work something out. Even if you give yourself time for a 30 minute workout and a quick shower, take time for yourself. You will have much more energy and will be happier all around, which in turn will carry on to your children and you will have happier children.


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