Good friends never say 'Goodbye' - they simple say 'See you soon' 💖

Where do I begin....... Rebecca Newnum has made such an impact on our village it is astounding. I am so lucky to have her as my friend. We first met virtually via facebook and we started to message each other because we felt a connection and sure enough we are both from Germany and grew up there less than an hour from each other. It's a friendship that was meant to be.

When I met Rebecca in the flesh I could tell that she was in need of a village to support her through her motherhood journey. I invited her to come to Stroller Strides but she didn't have a stroller that would accommodate three children under three! I quickly researched yard sale websites and found a triple stroller that would be perfect for her to begin her journey to health and happiness. To my surprise, she got the stroller and showed up on October 4th 2014 with the 'BEAST' - she was unstoppable with twins Emma & Emily and little baby Mary in tow. She also has Katie who was already in school at the time. Remarkable, powerful, no excuses - Rebecca showed up for every class, every playgroup, every event! She found her village!

In February of 2015 when I began our Body Back program, I will never forget her text message to me: Sign me up now before I change my mind! So I did. She embraced the change 100%, in her first 8 week session she lost 30 pounds, second session 28 pounds and it didn't stop there, within one year she shed over 100 pounds. Rebecca had the passion inside her - she began believing in herself again. Her confidence, her stride, her selfworth and the way she carried herself was drastically different, she was proud or her hard work and accomplishments.

It was a no brainer to get her on board as a team member so she could pursue her new found passion and show other moms how much small change can add up to big results. She became certified as a Stroller Strides, Body Back and Stroller Barre instructor. She has touched so many hearts in all programs. Three years of amazingness! I am going to miss her and her beautiful family very much. But I am sure that we will see each other again, whether it's here in the USA or in Germany. Thank you to your husband Brad for his service to our country and we're so glad you get to go 'home' to be with your family for a while - we will miss dearly! 💖

~Shannon Link, Franchise Owner

Without further ado - here is Rebecca's farewell to you mamas!

'When I count my blessings I count you twice!

There are no words that truly describe how much I will miss each and everyone of you!

You have given me so much to be thankful for. You have given me your love in this sisterhood of Motherhood, you have given me your trust and your smiles in each class.

I have found myself again in this journey as a FIT4MOM instructor. I had the amazing opportunity to change lives but truly you have changed mine. I learned I am needed and valuable beyond being a mother and a spouse. It redefined me as a person in a new way that I cannot put into words.

All I say is this “until we meet again my friend”; it’s not good bye. I love you all very much!'

~Rebecca Newnum, long time Stroller Strides and Body Back participant turned instructor!

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The Beast!

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