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Fitness and Fabulous Mom Pairings

For the mom who was up till 2 am stressing about a big presentation at work or just binge-watching Netflix, here’s hoping you got to sleep in for a few hours. I give you permission to have your AM routine consist solely of getting enough caffeine in your system to make sure everyone has some sort of morning nourishment (tortilla chips count as breakfast, right?) and occupation (school, toys, whatever they were screaming for 5 min ago). Sometimes morning routines cross over into survival mode and that’s just how it goes.

Pair hectic mornings with our lunchtime express classes for a quick energy boost. Start with that or get your sweat on at our 8 pm Body Boost and Body Ignite classes.

For the early-bird mom whose kids still sleep till 7 and you somehow can restrain yourself from pushing the snooze button again--Body Boost/Ignite 5:30 am is for you. Get that workout in, then go collapse on the couch with your 10 minutes of silence, chugging coffee before the hooligans emerge from their (never long enough) hibernation. Great job--you’re well on your way to checking off many items on your to-do list before you crash and burn in the mid-afternoon. (Or to avoid this, pair with a mid-afternoon Digital Library class while the kids watch a movie.)

For the sleep-deprived mom with young kids who wake before the crack of dawn--9:30 am virtual/in-person classes. Bring your kids...or don’t. The good news is you have so much time to get all your and your kids’ stuff together... haha jk. The bad news is that that pesky spawn always seems to be undoing your preparations. Fear not! Plan for the 9:30 class, but if it doesn’t work out, naptime Digital Library class is waiting for you. Choose a class for 20 min (or 45 min or an hour if you’re feeling lucky) and pair with 1 item from your to-do list. Check off “exercise” from your “this makes me human again” list, check the time, and try to sneak in one more item. 5 min of silence or a quick shower or a healthy snack? So hard to choose but we know you’ll make the right choice for you. (Naptime is sacred. Don’t waste it on practical pursuits if you can afford not to.)

For the moms with older kids who can take care of themselves, congrats! You’re living the dream. Tell us your secrets! (Even though it may be just “patience, you’ll get there.”) Sure, they can now get themselves ready for school, do laundry, and get their own snacks 500 times a day, but know that they DO still need you. Keep taking care of yourself--working or stay-at-home, figure out when you’re at your best after a workout and build your schedule with that. Pair with a cup of satisfaction that you’ve made it with a side of nostalgia for the old, insane days of kids running amok. (C’mon, you know you miss it. A little. Deep down.)

In conclusion, no matter where you are in your motherhood journey, no matter how much you prepare for how you THINK your day will go, something’s gonna mess up your plans. But don’t worry, we got you. Join us for live instruction or recorded--either way we’re here to provide community and connection and YES, I KNOW RIGHT?? support for anyone who finds us. Choose your own adventure!