Farewell, Kayla!

It is never easy to say goodbye, but goodbyes mean a new adventure in a new place, this time in California. We will miss seeing Kayla and Addy each week at class! Thank you for all you have done for our village. We wish you the best of luck on the west coast!!

"Kayla was one of my very first friends when I first joined stroller strides! She was so welcoming and we instantly bonded over both being MD girls I was so excited to watch her begin teaching - even while pregnant with her little one! Her classes were fun, and she tackled the HUGE classes with ease She will be missed!!" – Christie Wood, Stroller Strides Mama

"Kayla is one of the first actual friends I made since moving to the area. Her classes are always full of laughter and sweat and I can always count on her to hold me accountable. She'll definitely be missed. I'll never read a Llama Llama book without my muscles shuddering again." – Sam Matthews, Stroller Strides Mama

"Kayla introduced me to stroller strides and always has been so welcoming and positive. Her classes have been such a great way for me to start my Fridays!" – Shaina Goldberg, Stroller Strides Mama

"Kayla is an amazing Instructor! She has great energy and is very creative with her classes, that keep us and the kiddos entertained. She’s extremely motivating, she’s 8 months pregnant and still doing regular push-ups! We’re really going to miss her teaching class, and being in class with her too." - Candace Prabhaker, Instructor

"Kayla makes motherhood look so easy. She has been such a wonderful part of our team. We first met at a MOMS Group demo class in Kingstowne. Tiny little room - I went in wondering how the heck I was going to pull it off - it worked and Kayla found FIT4MOM - she had no idea how much she had needed this in her motherhood life. She didn't miss any classes and when the opportunity arose she became a Stroller Strides instructor. Kayla has helped out so much with class all around. Her active duty husband has orders and we wish them well on their new adventures. Not only will Kayla be mom to TWO very soon, but she's also a reservist in the US Navy. Thank you for ALL you do!" - Shannon Link, Franchise Owner

"My favorite thing about teaching SS is definitely the community/village of moms and being able to contribute to the village that has done so much for me over the past year. I love hearing from moms that they enjoy class and got a good workout, but even more seeing everyone connect and the kids play and the friendships that I've made. It's been such a game changer for Addy and I, we're so sad to leave this village. But, knowing that I'll be able to go to classes and hopefully keep teaching in San Diego has made our pending move a little less stressful. It's nice knowing there's an easier way to meet other moms and I wont have to stalk moms and kids at the park to try and make new friends." - Kayla Lyon

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