Connection To Others - Body Back Transformation Week Five

​The weeks keep flying by! Week five of Body Back had us focusing on our connection to other humans. Interesting topic to write about as a somewhat shy, socially nervous introvert, but I’ll do my best! As you can tell by now, this program is not just about the physical exercise, however keep in mind that the intense workouts are still happening every week and that they are results based, full body training sessions, complete with cardio, strength, and core. Nutrition is still monitored, discussed, and guided every week as well. I just wanted to mention that so you keep in mind that while I write about different concurring topics, exercise and good nutrition continue to be priorities in our program.

​“We are not so different after all, we are all quite the same deep down.” That is the message that I’ve been receiving from so many sources lately that I have to pause and consider the synchronicity of it all. During class on Thursday, Megan had us write down some things our “inner mean girl” says to us. Mine tells me I’m too different, too unique, no one would understand, I’m inferior, blah blah blah. That belief has been one of my worst enemies in life, the number one isolator, the cause of much loneliness. And although I’m realizing this now, I still have a lot of work to do on it.

​One of our challenges this week was to reach out to a person in your life who has helped you along on this journey and to thank them. The idea is to notice who is supporting you and to develop your gratitude muscle. Is there anyone who has helped you in any way? Has anyone given you words of encouragement or a listening ear? Help with the groceries, kids, or other logistical assistance? My husband came to mind because he’s been very understanding with all of the things I’ve been doing lately. He’s refrained from going to work early on Mondays and Thursdays which I know is a sacrifice for him, as going in early to get ahead of the day is something he values. I’ve also been gone 16 hours a week (not including driving time) doing yoga teacher training, leaving him to pick up the slack. None of this goes unnoticed. I’m so grateful!

​I’m off to start week six now! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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