Body Back Transformation - Week Three


This week has focused on self-care. Going with our road trip theme, the idea is to take time to “re-fuel”. This isn’t just about food and exercise, but you as a whole person with other interests and endeavors that make up the unique person you are. One of our challenges was to sign up for something you have wanted to do but haven’t got around to doing. One group member chose to sign up for piano lessons. I’m undergoing a rigorous yoga teacher training program. Whatever it is that you’d love to try, go for it!

Meal prepping is starting to become more of natural habit to me. I guess what they say about a habit taking three weeks to form is true! I’m finding my groove in what works for me. Trying to do all the cooking and meal prepping on one day of the weekend was too much for me, so instead I’m doing the majority of the work on the weekend and then whenever I have time during the week I’ll do a little more. My family has benefited from the healthier food options around the house too, which is extremely rewarding. Seeing all the positive changes keeps me going. All the extra water I’m drinking is doing good things for my skin and of course the increased strength is an empowering reward!

Class is such an oasis for me. It’s pretty amazing to be a part of this group of women. There’s a collective energy that comes from working out together, the positive encouragement from Megan, and the music on (all before the sun even comes up!). I’m so excited to be going into week four already!

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