8 Week Body Back Transformation ~ Week 1

Body Back Week One

The Road Trip Begins

I made the decision to do Body Back again because I wanted more of what I got last time! Two hours a week to spend fully engaged in my work out. There is nothing like it! When Shannon asked the team members to write about our experiences with it each week I was really excited. I love writing and I love writing about working out! I’ll be going over my successes, struggles, and solutions over the next eight weeks.

​I am doing the Burke 5:30am session (Mondays and Thursdays) with Megan, which she charmingly named the #BurkeEarlyBirds. I love early mornings because its when I have the most focus and energy. The workouts are something I delight in. My personal struggle is the nutrition aspect. I tend to eat out or eat processed foods rather than prepare fresh meals. I didn’t do as well as I could have for week one. Fortunately my coach keeps me accountable and it forces me to face the issue and find a solution. I love healthy food. I could eat healthy food all day long and be very happy! The problem is the planning, the grocery shopping, and the cooking/meal prep. If it’s done each weekend, then I’m successful. If I don’t make it a priority than I’m not. On Sunday I meal prepped while my husband was around to help with the kids because I’m determined for week 2 to go better nutrition-wise.

​I’m so grateful to be able to do this, for my coach, and for my fellow transformation members. Wish me luck as I head into the second week of this awesome journey!