Are you always on the run? Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you need done? Here are a few tips to help your busy schedule:

  1. Don’t think about it too much- if you have a long list of tasks to complete and just stare at it, it can be a little overwhelming. The best thing to do is just start, go for it, once you get your momentum going you will realize that your list wasn’t that overwhelming after all.
  2. Practice meditation- now some of you may be rolling your eyes but it’s not what you may be thinking. Gather your thoughts when you wake up all to yourself, clear them from your mind, breathe and then after at least 5 minutes of silence and deep breathing get your mindset where it’s supposed to be! Focus and start the day with Intention!
  3. Pick up to 5 things from your list of things to do each day that are a ‘must complete’ and work on those first.
  4. Set a timer- if you’re anything like me you get distracted easily and end up with multiple things half done. Set a timer, work on one thing at a time.
  5. Learn to say NO- Umm…..so this is a toughie for me. I have been getting better at it but I know that many others struggle with this as well. Really it boils down to keeping my sanity, I had to learn to say ‘no’. If it’s not something super important it can take a back seat to everything else.
  6. Get the whole family to help- depending on age I believe that every member of the family can do their fair share of chores. (Mommy isn’t the only one with arms and legs)
  7. Plan ahead- I laughed as I wrote that, as many of you know with anything now a days it’s hard to plan for anything. I have three kids (four sometimes when my husband decides to act like one). I love to plan, but life always throws it’s little obstacles around so I have found planning to be a little more challenging. Still I try. I make a list and only write the main topics and no longer worry about planning the minuscule details.
  8. Have fun- whatever you have to do during the day and even if it doesn’t all get done if you gave it your all that is what counts. Do what makes you more comfortable. I still love writing everything down and checking it off as it gets done but I know technology is amazing and other like to use their phones and apps. Go for it and learn to not stress about the things that don’t get finished. Start with your needs and then focus on your wants.
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